Friday, March 7, 2008

Step 1... complete!

So just a quick update on the Cargo Let Down... as you all know, Cargo Let Down is the first step in going to a Rappel program. We have known that Rappel is a needed tool in Color Country for a long while, but as with anything in the Government we are not quick to change... thus this 2 year process has finally reached it's first milestone!

Jock Whitworth, Zion National Park Superintendant, approved Cargo Let Down today... the proposal has been sent to Region. This is very promissing as I have already been talking with Regional representatives about doing this... Soooo, I think we are 95% sure that Cargo Let Down will be operational for the 2008 fire season...

Once again, another great milestone in our qwest for Rappel.

Stay Tuned,

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