Saturday, June 27, 2009

Managed Burn in Monticello/Moab

The Monticello Burn required two helicopters. We utilized the Spec 2000 torches... this is saying a lot, as it has been 10 + years of modification to reach the successful use of these torches that we had.
We did a fair amount of recertification and training on day one... The picture above shows a trainee from Moab, filling the torch. The helicopters were coming in for a refill at a rate of one per every 6-8 minutes... it kept us hopping!
Hamm doesn't always like the many pictures taken of her... but she is always a good sport! This was a great shot of her giving me the, "not another Damn picture" look!
I love this picture... (above)... we have to placard the area where we vent the fuel fumes with a "no smoking" sign. It just so happens that the area overlooked the burn...
The parking tender awaiting the helicopter to land... so we could then move in and fill the torch!
Day Two... took us to Moab! Where we again utilized the Helitorch to light up some country. The second day was a little less complicated with only a fraction of the people and a single helicopter. The pilot struggled in the beginning to avoid tipping the torch... and his flight profile was a little choppy at first, but he kept it in the air and only got better as the day progressed.

I am not sure what Clint is describing here... but I thought his cotton shirt was fashionable and I couldn't resist the picture. Coveralls as a MixMaster are very hot... and in the Moab sun it was everyone's desire to avoid wearing them... try finding a long sleeve cotton shirt in Moab... people give you a weird look, to say the least. Thus the fashionable duds...

Iceman in the "Bannana Coveralls"... watching the handy work. It is always a good day when we can see the fruits of our efforts... Day 2 was definately more laid back than day 1....

This final picture sums up our three day trip... Linda took a moment to sit down, relax, and observe the show... this is something that doesn't happen often for the mixing crews on a Helitorch Helibase. It was a successful trip... we accomplished most of what was expected. I am excited for our next oportunity to support a managed burn via Helitorch... next time perhaps the whole crew can be there and our pilot can enjoy in some of the fun!

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