Monday, August 10, 2009

Deepest Sympothies

Sorry no pictures this time around... just a quick mention and a heartfelt thought! Yesterday (Sunday the 9th) we responded to the park to assist in a Search and Recovery. A wife and mother fell unexpectedly to her death on the Angel's Landing trail. It was a rough day for the recovery team, overshadowed only by the thoughts of a husband and children that witnessed the event. I took several crewmembers in to assist with the carry-out... sombering event.

I would like to state that myself and the crew hurt for the family left behind. They have been in our thoughts and prayers!

It reminds me that life is fleeting... and it doesn't take a dangerous job, or a desire for adrenaline filled activities in order for a life to be taken unexpectedly. Simply enjoying life can sometimes sneak up on you and rob away the moments you thought would last. Please, take the time to share your feelings with those you care about... and don't spend your days angered by the little things that we can't control, rather spend time enjoying the little things that make you smile!

Live Life!!! Make a memory... and most important, Smile!

Deepest Sympothies...

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