Monday, January 25, 2010

Short Haul Update

This is just an interum update on the short haul program at Zion National Park. Our enhancement proposal for short haul has been approved through the Park Superintendent. Next stop will be the Intermountain Regional Office where the Regional Director must sign the appropriate document. All indications is that this will occure... stay tuned!

Side-note: I was made aware that the National Office (NPS) has made the decision to approve short haul for use in Wildland Fire (insertion/extraction). There are few if any details at this time. The Fire and Aviation Management Workshop in San Antonio during the first week of Feb should give some insight into the thoughts and application of this decision.

So this is just a quick update... I would be looking for a post to follow the workshop in San Antonio happening next week.

Zion Helitack

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Justin Vernon said...

Wow.. sounds interesting! I'll be sure to stay tuned. :)