Friday, December 5, 2008

Job Openings!

Well, it is that time of the year again. While it is still an unknown as to how many of our 2008 crewmembers might return for another season with Zion Helitack, we must press forward in recruiting the next generation of Zion Helitack crewmembers. Those that wish to apply for a seasonal position on Zion Helitack may do so by following the directions below:

Go to:

On this page there are two ways to find us... in the middle of the page next to large lettering that says "Search Jobs" there sits two boxes. One is for the job title (Ignore It). The second is for an address/agency - you can type in 84720 and hit search... you will then have to scroll through several pages until you find the following job announcment DOI-FIRE-2009-003 next to it will be the words National Park Service, Cedar City

you may also do this the simplified way...

Go to:

On this page there are several tabs at the top of the page... the first tab is "search jobs" next to it is "my usajobs", "info center" etc... click on the first tab that says "search jobs". The page that comes up next will have a box at the top that says "Keyword"- in this box type the following job announcement number DOI-FIRE-2009-003 and hit enter or search. This will take you to a page with a few similar looking announcements. Once in the announcement for Cedar City, Zion National Park... follow the directions. Be certain that you select Cedar City NPS as a choice when you voice where you want to apply.

Now - a couple of things to keep in mind. I believe the 1st cut off for applications is January 20th. You must have your application in by that time if you wish Zion Helitack to consider you. Second, take some time with your application... we are not the only people that look at the applications and rate them. Don't be mistaken that you can make a phone call and talk directly to myself or my assistant, and that this will take the place of a good application. It does not! I do encourage phone calls to learn about the program and ensure that we are the program for you, however... in the end it is the application and your references that will win you a position on the crew... so take some time in filling out the application, and put some thought into your references.

I will be posting later today, a detailed look into the crew and what you can expect. Or I suggest you look through our past posts to learn a little about us.

Good Luck... we look forward to seeing your applications.
Cheers, ML

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