Monday, February 23, 2009

"Slingin' Poo"

Well we accomplished our first helicopter project of the season, last Friday (Feb 20th). You know how some days you feel as though you have done nothing but deal with "Crap" all day long. Well in this case, that is exactly what we delt with. Our job was to fly 12 barrels of human waste from Scouts Lookout toilets down to Big Bend turnout. The 55 gallon drums are rigged with a special clamp that allows them to be hooked to the helicopters remote hook. It required a 100' long line to get into the area safetly. Here you can see the helicopter decending down to our location at the turnout, hauling a drum full of waste...

Once down at the turnout... it was up to a waste pumper truck to suck the barrels dry. We did our best to keep our distance during this operation. Once those lids were removed from the barrel, the smell permiated the area... some found no problem eating their lunches during this process, I on the other hand had a hard time keeping my lunch down... if you know what I mean!

The barrels are brightly labeled for all to see... I am curious how much they pay the employee that must shovel the waste into the barrels? That is a job that could possibly be left for the person that draws the short stick... Kudo's to the trail crew in Zion National Park for their work in accomplishing this task

In the end... it was a successful project! We brought down 12 barrels of human waste... and flew 18 cleaned out barrels back up to Scouts Lookout, where they will await the mass crowds who will visit Angels Landing this season. So if you have ever wondered how we get all of that "Crap" out of the toilets and off the hill... now you know!

It was a gorgeous day in the park... we are appreciative to Sundance Helicopters out of Las Vegas Nevada and their flight crew which made this project possible. In talking with the pilot he now has something new to add to the list of his aviation accomplishments. I believe the saying of the day was "Same old shit... different day"! I couldn't agree more... what a way to kick off the season.



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