Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hiring is done!

Every year it seems that the challenge for management is to pick through the many applicants and find the right candidate to fill only a handful of positions. Sometimes we do a great job, and other times we find ourselves lacking. Only time will tell whether this years batch of selected candidates will live up to the challenges which will face them on Zion Helitack. It is often times fairly easy to seperate the many applications according to qualifications. The more difficult thing to do is determine work ethic and personality. The 2008 season brought us a large group of new recruites, all of whom worked very well together. We didn't lose to many for the 2009 season.

We restructured the crew slightly. This has been an ongoing effort for nearly 3 years. Looking for the right mix of permanent supervisory positions and seasonal slots. We also took a good look at what other helitack crews were doing and did our best to match that. The Region, has finally designed a standard module based on many of the things we were already pushing for. In the end we took a small step which will lead to much greater efficiency and ability of the crew.

The crew is made up of the following:
Crew Supervisor - GS-9 (Permanent Full Time)
Asst Crew Sup. - GS-8 (Permanent Full Time)
Senior Lead Crew - GS-7 (Permanent Subject to Furlough)
Lead Crew - GS-6 (Permanent Subject to Furlough)
Senior Firefighter / HECM- GS-5 (Seasonal)
Senior Firefighter / HECM - GS-5 (Seasonal)
Firefighter / HECM - GS-4 (Seasonal)
Firefighter / HECM - GS-4 (Seasonal)
Firefighter / HECM - GS-4 (Seasonal)
Firefighter / HECM - GS-3/4 (Seasonal)

We have several positions that are co-funded by the U.S. Forest Service Dixie National Forest and by the B.L.M. Cedar City District. We are a true interagency crew, serving all lands within the Color Country area. This season, due to the new strategy and make-up of the crew, we did not fill very many positions. In fact, only one crewmember will be new to us this season. Everyone else is a returning crewmember from last season, or seasons past. The following people will join Zion Helitack this season whether new or returning!

Michael Reid
Alicia Tanrath
Ben Thayer
Ben Suerig
Norm "Iceman" Allen
Thea Hamm
Chris Jensen
Lacey Crawford
Todd Bevans
Paul Damron

So welcome back everyone...

The season is just around the corner, and hiring is finally done. We will begin training soon! Stay tuned for updates and training schedules.


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