Friday, December 4, 2009

2010 Hiring!

Well... it is finally here. I know it seems as though we are behind the curve, and truth be told we are just a little later than normal. If you are interested in applying for a seasonal position with Zion Helitack, you should follow the directions below to ensure you have an oportunity at employment.

Zion Helitack will be looking at the potential for one GS-5 senior firefighter position, and 1-3 GS 3 or 4 firefighter positions. There is never a gaurantee that these positions will be available as we often offer returning crewmembers the opportunity to occupy the same position that had the year previous. What we can gaurantee you is that without applying you will not have the opportunity to be considered for employement, should we have positions open... so bottom line is this; Apply if you are interested... it doesn't committ you to anything other than a small amount of work to get your application in.

To Apply:
go to -
under the keyword search enter - NPS-FIRE-2010-020
under the location search enter - Cedar City
Press Enter!

The only position that should come up is the following announcement
Helitack Wildland Firefighter GS3/4/5 Seasonal

Please read through the entire application prior to following the directions for application which are on the How To Apply tab.

IMPORTANT: January 26,2010 will be the cut off date for early consideration.
Often times we will not pull another certificate following this early consideration, as we typically have enough interested candidates that no further consideration is necessary!

So there you have it... the announcement is out! I highly recommend that you apply early! (Prior to January 26,2010) It is also recommended that if you have any questions concerning the job, you call the Helicopter Program Manager his number will be listed below...

Again, there is no known position that will be available... however, the potential exists for a GS-5 senior firefighter and 1 to 3 additional GS 3/4 positions.

IMPORTANT: If you are a previous employee of Zion Helitack and wish to return after a break in service (i.e. you did not fight fire for us during the 2009 season), you should apply! This ensures that we are aware of your desire to return to the crew... If you are a member of Zion Helitack that fought fire seasonally during the 2009 season, and you wish to gain a different level of employement (i.e. you were a GS-4 in 2009, but would like to be a GS-5 in 2010), then you MUST apply to this announcement again. We cannot give a promotion to you without proper competition... Call you supervisor with any questions regarding this post.

We look forward to seeing a large number of applicants... so apply early and be thorough!

Zion Helitack
Helicopter Program Manager
Michael Reid - 435-865-4640
or you may e-mail your questions to

Good Luck!


baludec9 said...

Good post, nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

M.L. said...

Alright everyone... the days are counting down. You must have your application in prior to January 26,2010... that is this month! We plan to be making selections during the month of February... and for those who have put in for a position you very well could have a phone call by early March. But before that can happen you must apply!