Monday, February 8, 2010

Grand Canyon Helitack

In the absence of much to report for Zion Helitack, we would like to share an exciting video highlighting our neighboring park. Grand Canyon National Park has a 365 day exclusive contract with one of the most unique utility helicopters in the business. The MD 900 Explorer is a twin engine NOTAR helicopter. The NOTAR helicopter refers to the lack of a tail rotor. It makes this helicopter fairly quiet as helicopters go. This is important due to the sound quality over our national parks, and Grand Canyon requires a lot of helicopter work. This helitack crew works behind the scenes to support the water pipeline, wildland fire, and search and rescue within the park. A job that requires hundreds of hours in flight, over some very breathtaking scenery. The following video is of the rescue performed on Hermits Trail. We would like to thank the Grand Canyon Helitack Crew for sharing such an awesome video:

Zion National Park has utilized the great tool that is short haul, many times during the past few years. We have counted on professionals from the Grand Canyon to perform these necessary life saving short hauls. The Grand Canyon Crew is very well trained and exemplify professionalism in every evolution that they have performed for Zion N.P. We are anxious to learn from them as we enter into a new program element for Zion Helitack. It is our hopes that we will be approved to engage in short haul training for the 2010 season. Undoubtedly we will look to our neighboring National Park for support in training and becoming proficient with the tool, short haul.

Until next time!


tHe tHaYeRs said...

How awesome is that!! What a rush that must be!

RamblingChief said...

Great work Zion Helitack!! Short haul is another tool in the toolbox for keeping our firefighters and our visitors safer. Thanks for stepping up and leading up.

ketty said...

For sure these trainings are needed, I'm glad somebody has take initiative.
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