Friday, February 26, 2010

Slingin' Shit !!!

Well as many of you know, twice a year the government contracts a helicopter to support bringing human waste off of Scout's Lookout. Many people have voiced their dislike of the dollars spent to bring barrels of human waste off of the mountain, however many of those same people would not hesitate to step into the bathroom at Scouts Lookout. There isn't much in the way of choice when the urge hits you.

This time around we were a little anxious as the canyon had received snow just days earlier. The guys heading up the hill had to clamp on special traction gear to their boots to navigate the slick sections of refrigerator canyon and walter's wiggles. The morning started out very cold, but as the sun came up it felt good to be outside doing this project. It is a great time of the year to be up on Scouts Lookout, as there are few if any visitors that would dare climb the trail. It makes for a very peaceful experience, up top!

Check out this video, it may give those of you who wonder how we fly "shit" off the hill, that needed visual.

So the next time you find yourself at Scouts Lookout and you take the opportunity to relieve yourself, just remember that yes someone is shoveling your waste into a barrel and we are flying that crap to the bottom of the hill.

Your tax paying dollars at work... we're glad we could support such an important operation. Our hats are off to the real hero's in this project, those men and women that hike up the hill on a regular basis to shovel shit... thank you "Mr. Shit Shoveler" for making our visits to the park more tolerable.


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