Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Crew is on... Reid attended Honor Guard training... Hillsboro aviation has been on sight for the past week with the brand new 407... and today members of the crew took their first flight on and under the helicopter.

There has been a lot of activity over the past three weeks with the crew. We experienced the crew coming on and going through the activities that often accompany the first week of employment. It was a long week and a crash course in personalities. During that week Reid was absent as he was attending training for the first ever formed Honor Guard for fire within the National Park Service. Something that Zion can be proud to be a part of. The crew followed up week one with a solid week of training... most everyone on the crew had some course that they were either a part of or preparing for. It was another busy week of everyone going a different direction. Runyan, our new assistant, joined us on Sunday. We are excited to welcome him to the crew. He is quickly adjusting to life with the crew.... Hillsboro Aviation has been on sight for about 10 days now. The pilots have been preparing very diligently for what has occured over the past couple of days. Short-haul training began a couple of days ago... today we took our first flights under the belly of a brand new 407. It was a huge culmination of an immense amount of effort in planning and training. Zion Helitack has become a short-haul qualified program. Lay spent two weeks training with the Guard... we are proud to have a member of our armed services on the crew, and we support him in his efforts to enhance this country and its borders. Also we teamed up for a 5K mud run that happened this last weekend. Our crew did well... and represented in honorable fashion at the New Harmony VFD fundraiser mud run.

So as I started... lots to report! I have plenty of video and pictures and when I get a moment to do so... I will post individual posts about each of the things mentioned above. Until then....

stay safe!

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RamblingChief said...

I saw some of the new NPS Fire Honor Guard members in Boise a couple of weeks ago. Sharp looking bunch.

Take care and have a great season.