Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We often get asked the question, " do you take detailers"? The answer is yes! We have a very structured detailer program set up for the 2009 season. We will start taking on detailers at the beginning of June (around pay period 13). We have 2 slots for each pay period! Each detail is a 14 day opportunity to engage in the activities and training that Zion Helitack is also engaged in. It is an opportunity for those who are working on Position Task Books, to accomplish some of the training needed to sign those PTB's off. Whether you are looking to get experience as a Helicopter crewmember, Helicopter Manager, or Incident Commander... chances are good that you will get most if not all of the experience you need in order to qualify at that position.

We spend our days waiting for the fire call! However, waiting does not mean sitting around. When not on fire assignment we keep very busy doing cutting projects, resource managment work, Search and Rescue (as needed), and a lot of training. Our days are usually very full of activity. Even if you detail onto the crew and we don't see a single fire, there is a very good chance that you will gain a signature on many of your experience blocks in the PTB as we will design a training schedule around your needs.

If you are interested in getting a Detailer slot for the 2009 season there are a few things you need to do. First you will need to contact us to obtain an application and supervisor permission form. you can do that by e-mailing our senior lead crewmember, Ben Thayer at the following address (ben_thayer@nps.gov). Second you are going to need the permission of your supervisor. He/she will need to approve the travel and additional costs that may be associated with your trip to Cedar City Utah. Not to mention the time away from your own crew - remember we are looking for a 2-week detail. Third, if you are not a HECM or HECM trainee you will need to get to the class and become one... we don't teach the Helicopter Crewmember class during the two weeks you are detailed with us.

We are looking for a strong group of highly motivated individuals looking to keep current or gain qualifications in the aviation world... come enjoy a two week roll with us!

Again please contact Ben Thayer with any questions you may have:

Ben Thayer
Senior Lead Crew
ben_thayer@nps.gov (there is an underscore between ben and thayer, don't leave it out)


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