Friday, May 1, 2009

First Fire!

We always wait for that one defining moment to give us hope that fire season is just around the corner. This year that moment came early! Late April brought us a 35 acre fire just south of the Park. It was located in the newly designated wilderness area of the BLM land which is above an area called the "Eagle Crags". Very rough country that is difficult to get into unless you truely know where you are going.

We brought in a helicopter from Sundance, out of Las Vegas, that assisted in delivering firefighters to the fire. It was intense on day one, but quickly fizzled in the cool evening temperatures (understandable for April). The burn was due to low moisture levels in the dormant brush models. Most of the grass is in green-up now... so I don't expect too many fires until a dryer weather pattern hits us (probably in June). However, this could be foreboding of a very good season for Color Country!

Stay Tuned...

Side Note: If you are a member of Zion Helitack or simply have an interest in how our season is progressing I urge you to become a fan of this sight... there should be a link below our "followers" application that will allow you to follow what is happening. I would encourage anyone who is on the crew and has a family member that would like to know what is happening with you during the season, that they too become followers of this sight! I will update the sight nearly weekly (as fires allow) once the season begins!


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