Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who Manages the Managers?

Zion Helitack currently has 4 management positions... Michael is the Helitack Supervisor. He has been at Zion for three seasons, and seems to love it. A pretty laid back management style, allowing the crew to explore their own capabilities. This doesn't mean that he doesn't expect a lot from the crew. He tries to always give them the guidance needed and understanding of what the finished project looks like... He is fairly easy to approach and rarely loses his cool concerning anything. A bit of a perfectionist... but he doesn't expect any more from the crew than what he is willing to do himself...

Alicia is Michael's assistant... it has been said that she is the "Ying" of the "Yang" concerning the bosses management style. Alicia is all about structure and organization on the crew. She has a proud history with the military, which helps her to manage the crew in a well organized and disciplined way. Alicia was involved in a helicopter crash a little over two years ago, and has suffered a long road to recovery... She is looking forward to a final procedure being accomplished in the next month which will optimally put her back to normal and able to do and operate with the crew as she did before the accident. Alicia is also a qualified Park Paramedic, and runs our medical 1st responder training and annual refreshers concerning medical musts for the crew.

Curtis is the Career Seasonal Lead Crewmember. He has been with Zion Helitack longer than most of the crew. He spent many years as a Hotshot Crewmember before seeing that there was a lack of oportunities for advancement. He branched out into aviation and has been there ever since. Curtis is a lot of fun to be around. He is constantly enjoying life... one look at his "vagabond" truck will tell you that he loves the outdoors and has many hobies... (kayaking, skiing, mountain climbing, biking... you name it) Curtis spent last season working on a detail with Sequoa Helitack (Peppermint)... he rappelled with their crew to gain vital skills and complete his Helicopter Manager PTB, in return their crew gain a very experience and entertaining (detailed) lead.

Iceman... Ice is our Seasonal Lead Crewmember. This is a position that we hope to turn into a Career Seasonal, but for now it is beneficial for all to have Ice as a willing seasonal in the lead role. He has been with Zion longer than any other crewmember and like Curtis brings a great level of experience to his position. Ice has been fighting fire for a lot of years, running crews, jumping, rappelling,... you name it. Ice knows when it is time to get the job done, and when it is time for a siesta (or as Ice would say, "time to take a natural"). Once you've met Ice, you'll never forget him... He leaves an awesome impression on all who chance to meet him!

Well, thats a little introduction to Zion Helitack Management... maybe not all that exciting... but then you may not have met them yet!


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