Friday, January 18, 2008

Zion Helitack 2007

The 2007 crew...
What a bunch... (top left moving clockwise) Chris Jensen, Ben Suerig, Rob Brennecke, Erin Sparks, Kate Chappel, Paul Damron, Scott Dornbusch, Jessica Mico-Wentworth, Jezaree McNutt, Michael Reid, Alicia Tanrath, (pilot) Michael Wilton, Norman "Iceman" Allen
Missing from the photo is Curtis Ritzman and fuel driver Jud Callaway.

Early in the season it was slow... nearly the entire month of June was spent without fighting fire... I know that the crew nearly went nuts with the projects that we had to accomplish. Digging a rather large trench from the crew trailer to the electrical box... I am sure that if I had them dig one more foot beyond what we did, I would no longer be bloggin' they would have killed me where I stood. Pouring the concrete around the trailer to the workshop... another task that a bunch of novices undertook and if I don't say so did a wonderful job. I'm not sure all wanted to take credit for what we had accomplished, but I was rather proud of it.
It didn't take long for the season to get started and once it did the projects were a thing of the past. We don't have as many projects this next season, but then I am hoping that the fire season will be back to normal and we will be fighting fire earlier in June...


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