Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Crew Update!

We are only a week away from the crew arriving at the base in numbers! The Lead's have been frantically preparing for the first three weeks of train-up that will begin on May 11th! We are down in numbers this season... Alicia Tanrath (Assistant Helitack Supervisor) is still battling medical issues resulting from her Helicopter crash nearly 3 years ago. She will be working with the heavy helicopter from HTI... a part of the Big 34 exclusive national ships... it is a skycrane that will be based in Cedar City, but be available for National deployment! Lacey Crawford will also not be joining us this season. Unexpected to her and us, she needed to decline her position this season due to some personal issues... She hopes to rejoin the crew as an A.D. if needed towards the end of the season, or possibly next year when life challenges finally allow her to do so. So below is the updated list of crewmembers that will be joining us this season... what is not listed is the names of those who will be filling our two detailer slots throughout the year. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have two slots for detailers each pay period. The applications for those slots are coming in fast... so if you are interested, please contact our Senior Lead Crewmember (Ben Thayer) his contact info is listed below...

Michael Reid (Supervisor)
Ben Thayer (Senior Lead)
Ben Suerig (Lead)
Norman "Iceman" Allen ( Senior FFT)
Thea Hamm (Senior FFT)
Chris Jensen (Crewmember)
Paul Damron (Crewmember)
Todd Bevans (Crewmember)

We are excited to invite Hillsboro Aviation back for their 4th season with Zion Helitack. We are also excited to have Nicole Ludwig back as our Pilot and her sidekick Randy Tatton as our Fuel Driver. Helicopter 420RL will return as well, completing the team!

Zion Crewmembers!...
a note of warning to those of you returning to and joining our crew over the next couple of weeks. Come ready to work! I expect that you will start on day one with Physical Training... you should arrive at work in your P.T. clothing ready for a solid 3-4 mile run... needless to say we will "hit the ground running" right off the bat! You can expect two-a-day P.T.'s for the first three weeks that you are on... prior to the ship arriving on the 28th of this month! If you haven't started getting in shape already... I feel for you, but it doesn't change that we will push you and push hard... So drink plenty of water over the next week... and prepare yourself mentally, It's time to step up to the challenge of getting ready for another season.


Ben Thayer / Senior Lead Crewmember

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