Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 1 - Train-Up!

Just keeping you informed -

P.T. (physical training)

Monday - Pack Test & 2 mile run

Tuesday - Fire-Fit training which included 1.5 mile run / push-ups / sit-ups / various planks / stretch testing / grip testing / vertical leap / and more & Hose Pull Circuits (we did 3 rounds)

Wednesday - Power Hike

Thursday - C-Trail Power Hike (4 miles & 2,000 feet elevation gain)

Friday - P.T. Standards (1.5 mile run, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups & 85 lb timed pack-out)


Monday - Gear Checkout & SOP's

Tuesday - PPE (care & fitting), Tool Maintenance & Driving Training

Wednesday - Map & Compass, Lat / Long's & GPS Use

Thursday - Fire Extinguishers, Radios, I.A. / Dispatch Procedures & Crash Rescue

Friday - Sand Table Exercises, Facility Maintenance, & ????

The crew is definately feeling the pain, but doing well! We haven't confused anyone too badly and no injuries with the P.T. We hope to amp it up next week to another level... I'm sure the crew isn't looking forward to that! It's all for the good of being safe, efficient, and injury free!

I'll post again next week!

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tHe tHaYeRs said...

You guys put 'hell week' to shame! I get winded just running to the mailbox!