Saturday, February 16, 2008

1st "Certificate" has closed!!

Let me start by apologizing to everyone... I have been gone doing some training in Las Vegas. I know what you are thinking, "must be tough to do a training in Las Vegas!"... actually it was a long week and I am looking forward to a long weekend in order to unwind.

I have recieved several calls from many of you that have applied, and are curious as to where we are in the process of hiring. I will return your calls by Wednesday of next week... but for now, know that the process is just begining. The 1st "certificate" has been pulled, and I now have that. We will begin the process of looking at the applications and determining whom we are interested in, and those that probably wont fit with our crew this season. We will narrow the application pool down to no more than 20-30. For those applicants we will begin a more in depth decision making process to find out if they are a fit for our crew and the current positions we are hiring. In the end it is a lot like "American Idol" in that we go through several screening process to reach the final in depth determiner... I expect we will narrow it down to around 8-12 people and for them they will recieve an opportunity to talk with someone from the crew and plead their case for being hired into one of only 2-4 slots that we have open.

Sounds like it will take a long time, however this usually doesn't take us but a week or two in order to obtain our final picks and start the hiring process for those individuals. So be patient, however don't hesitate to call if the anticipation of the process is too much. We will be glad to inform you where it is that you sit in the selection process.

I hope to be adding some more content to the Blog soon... so check back in a day or two.

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