Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Worthy Of Debate? You Decide!

Post your comments below... I leave the debate to you!

Hello everyone... I thought the post tonight should be something that might spark a little debate. There has been a lack of comments made on the blog, and for whatever reason I am eager for the comments capability for the blog to be utilized. So in considering what I might discuss that would spark debate, I have reflected back on the past several seasons with Zion Helitack... hmmmm.... two topics come to mind.

Zion helitack has an SOP that has been established for the past several seasons, that has been the center of much consideration and thought on the crew. I need to clarify that this SOP will not be going away any time soon, the time for debate amongst the crew is over... and I don't see it changing... however, for those that follow the blog (to include the crew) here is the opportunity for your views to be heard, without fear of managment interference. If you are still cautious about commenting... do it anonymously :) The SOP is this: Crewmembers are allowed to consume alcohol, while on the road with the crew, under a couple of restrictions. 1st - Alcohol may only be had with dinner. 2nd - Crewmembers are not to linger beyond dinner in order to drink and socialize. 3rd - Crewmembers are not allowed to visit bars or establishments where drinking is the primary reason for being at that facility. 4th - Anyone who has consumed any amount of alcohol with dinner, may not drive the government vehicle. 5th - Finally, crewmembers should have ample rest, following their final alcoholic drink, before their next shift at work begins... So the jest is this... I have heard of "dry" crews that are not allowed any alcohol from the time they leave home base until they return back to home base. I have also heard of crews that hit the bar whenever possible on the road. Zion Helitack is in the middle of that road allowing for some alcohol, but under certain restrictions... What do you think? Should alcohol consumption be allowed while on the road for fire assignments?
comment below!!!

Okay... while you are chewing on your thoughts concerning drinking policies... think on this one.

The Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management don't allow it... But the National Park Service requires it! Government Credit Cards!!! This has sparked more debate over the years than nearly any other topic on Zion Helitack... First, let me start by saying that the policy is set nationally... the policy as stated is not controlled at the local level by local management! If you become a member of Zion Helitack you will be required to obtain a Government credit card for travel purposes. Their are a lot of misconceptions concerning the card... does it hurt your personal credit "NO"... will you be allowed to default on the card by not paying it "YES"... Can you lose your employment with the government if you neglect the credit card regulations "QUITE POSSIBLY"... What are the Pro's and the Con's of every crewmember having a travel card? What do you think? Should seasonals be required to obtain a government travel card as a term of employment with the National Park Service?comment below!!!

Well there you have it... what do you think? Take the time to comment below by clicking on the comments link. Share your thoughts, and if so desired do it annonymously!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the alcohol SOP....honestly, as a previous crew member the SOP is not that big of a deal, unless you are an alcoholic. Atleast you are given an option to drink with dinner. There are plenty of examples of crews out there who are allowed to drink while on the road and many have embarrassed themselves and have a bad reputation. Personally, I would rather be part of a crew that acts mature and responsible in social settings rather than drunken idiots.

Unknown said...

When it comes to alcohol on the road, I think that you need to base your policy on your crew. If you know you have a group of solid individuals who are responsible enough to take care of themselves and not create embarassing or dangerous situations, nor damage the reputation of the crew, then there probably isn't a problem with allowing them to drink while on the road. However, if you have a couple of bad apples, or folks that just don't know when to say when, you need to be much more cautious. This can be especially hard at the beginning of the year when you're just getting to know everyone and haven't quite gotten their personalities pegged down 100%. For us, we run the first month completely dry; no booze whatsoever while we're getting to know new folks and iron out the kinks. Then, depending on who we have and the kinds of personalities we have, we decide if we'll stay dry for the season or if we can allow some drinking on the assignment. I know going back and forth might not work for some crews, but it works alright for us.