Friday, February 1, 2008

Cargo Letdown...

Well, I am a firm believer in not counting on anything before it happens. I suppose my time with the government has taught me that. How many times have you endured the "hurry up" and "wait" that seems to accompany anything that is done in fire?

Zion Helitack has been chasing the thought of going rappel for a couple of seasons now... I am not saying that it will happen, however I got done talking to the RAM this week... he wants us to push for "Cargo Letdown" in 2008 season. With his backing, and a lot of training and hard work, I am sure that we will get to add this tool to the box!

Obvious next step... Rappel! It is sorely needed... just ask those who have helped us through the years... Boise Helitack, Garden Valley, Carribou-Targee, Price Valley, and others who have spent time in Color Country. Yes, and on occasion they have rappelled into our beautiful terrain. I am not looking to rob them of this experience in the future... but, in the future they can come to support us... rather than do the job for us.

I'll Keep you posted... nothing is done until it is done!


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