Friday, February 1, 2008


Have you applied yet?
Time is ticking away... if you are interested in a position with Zion Helitack then don't delay. Get your application in immediately (only 6 days left). You can find the job announcement by going to and once there type the announcement number into the search block. The announcement number is NPS-FIRE-2008-013. Again, don't delay... time is almost out!

What you need to know!

The announcement doesn't close until April... this is misleading! If you don't have your application filled in by FEBRUARY 7th, 2008 you will not make the "cert" that we plan on pulling at that time.

A couple of things to keep in mind... (DISCLAIMER - these are general things, and should not keep you from applying if you have the desire to work in Zion. Additionally, this information only applies to those actually selected, good luck!) There is no government housing available. You will be stationed in Cedar City Utah, which is approximately an hour North West of the park. Fire is the primary activity that we engage in, however we do a lot of project work and support of search and rescue. It is standard that Zion Helitack Supervisors will not look at individuals who have no previous fire experience, unless there is a good reason to. It is not necessary to have any previous Helitack experience to apply, we will train you. Should you have any questions about the positions available, or the type of crew that Zion Helitack is... definately contact one of the supervisors and ask questions.

Inside Info... speaking from experience, if you want an honest shot at the job. Get your application in and follow up with a phone call to the Supervisor listed on the announcement. They will start looking at the applications of those who have shown true interest in being on the crew... a phone call will go a long way to getting your application looked at!

Good Luck!


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