Wednesday, February 6, 2008

KC-135 Supertanker!

I realize that this is nothing to do with Helitack. It is however relevant to Zion Helitack. The Air Force often uses Cedar City for training. They make IFR (instrument flight reference) landings for practice. It is much easier to practice touch-n-go's at a non controled airport than at a controled airport. The KC-135 is a refueling aircraft, designed to refuel other aircraft in mid-flight. It is big and powerful and totally amazing to watch land with merely the distance of a football field between you and it's awesome power! Check out this video...

Kudo's to the men & women of the armed forces... and especially to the pilots of this aircraft from the Utah National Reserve unit based out of Hill Air Force Base! The squadron at Hill has been named one of the nations best!!!


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