Monday, February 18, 2008

You be the judge!...

So I was getting ready to add a couple of pictures and another commentary on the crew, when it hit me... I don't have to be the only one to add content and/or context to this Blog. After all the blog is for the crew and those who look upon it... So here is my idea! Whether a member of the crew or just an interested party... I want you to send me your best picture/pictures! Allow the picture to speak for itself, or add a story along with it... I will pick the best of the pictures/stories, and post them for everyone to judge... the picture/story that gets the best response will gain something... yet to be determined!

So here is how we make this happen... send your picture/pictures along with commentary/story to

I will screen for content that may not be appropriate, and then choose the top 3 entries. Those entries will then be posted for everyone to vote on... this will probably be done via a poll on the right side of the blog... again, this will be added once we are down to the top 3...

So don't hesitate, and e-mail me pictures and stories to be voted on! Remember, stories are nice... pictures are nicer... both combined are the best. The top choice will recieve something!! so be sure to leave your contact information (at least an e-mail) where you can be contacted... I will not post names or contact information on the blog!

I'll be waiting

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